democracy is a work in progress

Voting Rights

No Central Command in Battle Against Anti-Democracy Candidates


Hundreds of election deniers are running for office. With the integrity of our elections once again at stake in November, efforts to thwart the forces that would destroy what's left of our democratic foundation are hampered by the lack of a clear, coordinated battle plan.

Can the Army of Anti-Democracy Republicans Be Stopped?


A record number of opponents of fair elections are being recruited to run for office, administer elections, and mount election challenges. At this point, the quest to prevent Republican victory at the polls has ceased being a partisan mission and become instead a constitutional imperative.

Mainers Again Flex Their Independence to Protect Their Vote


A ballot initiative to ban foreign money from influencing state elections and support an amendment to the US Constitution to regulate campaign spending reflects Maine’s continuing role as a laboratory for voting reforms aimed at strengthening the power and voice of local citizens.

2020 Ballot Initiatives Strengthen Elections


Americans demonstrated their democratic resolve in this year’s elections, supporting electoral changes that promise more choice, more competitive races, more inclusion, and more direct say in who represents them.

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