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“We hold these truths to be self-evident; that all men and women are created equal” — Celebrating the Women’s Suffrage Movement on the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment

Leader Spotlight

David Becker: Making Elections More Secure


David Becker has improved the security of the nation’s election systems by leading the development of the Electronic Registration Information Center. He continues to support better election administration and more secure elections as the executive director of the Center for Election Innovation and Research.

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Progress Updates
“You do the math. You solve one problem, then you solve the next one and then the next and if you solve enough problems you get to come home.”
Matt Damon, as Mark Watney from the film The Martian
Problem Briefs
We the People

Expansion of Voting Rights: The right to vote in America is considered a fundamental democratic liberty – it is one of those rights that we fight wars to defend. Yet, when the nation was founded, voting was almost exclusively reserved for propertied white men. Since then, voting rights have slowly grown more inclusive, expanding to an ever broader cross-section of the American public, but this progress has almost always been hard won.

We the People

Growth of Government: The size of the federal government and its role in capital markets have been debated since our independence from Britain was declared. Debates about the role of government in the lives of its citizens are what created our Constitution. Whatever the idealism that drives these debates, the reality on the ground is that the federal government has almost always been needed to address critical problems.

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The American Leader offers an outcomes-driven journalism that goes beyond the endless conflicts and debates and focuses instead on what Americans do so well – solve problems. Often hidden beneath the surface of the 24/7 stream of headlines and attention seekers is a deep bench of American leaders who are attempting bold or innovative ideas to solve the systemic problems that shape our lives. Like noise-cancelling headphones, we’ll eliminate the distortions, distractions, and obfuscations of the news cycle, so that you can learn from these leaders, get inspired, and do something that makes life a little better for your community.

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