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Progress Updates

Progress Updates2023-02-07T16:25:37-05:00

Our progress updates bring you the news filtered through a results-focused lens. We ask: Has the event, action, or utterance changed anything? In particular, has it contributed tangibly to resolving any of the problems that we focus on here? Our reports demonstrate progress towards a solution – or regrettably, a regression from possible resolution. If our editors do not agree that the event, action, or utterance has moved the needle of progress one way or the other, then it won’t be reported here.

Bipartisan Hope Isn’t Helping Divided Congress Avoid Debt Crisis

2023-02-22T14:01:14-05:00January 26, 2023|Categories: , |

Our Congress has two faces: We saw the authoritarian one during the rancorous vote for House Speaker, while the other is seen in an op-ed that lauds the bipartisan collaboration that produced over 200 recommendations for making Congress work more efficiently. As we brace for another game of chicken over the debt ceiling, it’s clear which face is doing the talking.

Building a More Perfect Union in 2023

2023-04-06T09:17:47-05:00January 6, 2023|Categories: , , , |

2022 ended with sighs of relief and celebrations that the red wave didn’t happen, that voters rejected efforts to codify strict anti-abortion laws, that the budget deficit was cut in half, and that there was some bipartisan support for climate change action and improved access to healthcare. All good, but there is still work to be done.

Governors Who Lead: Climate Change Beyond Egypt and the Midterms

2023-02-22T14:03:55-05:00December 13, 2022|Categories: |

With little progress made in the struggle to limit global climate change at the recent gathering of world leaders at COP27, and with the new Republican majority in the House of Representatives a likely roadblock to further national progress, the actions of two governors offer signs of a way forward.

Threat to Democracy Coming Into Focus

2022-10-22T13:40:05-05:00September 1, 2022|Categories: |

More Americans are recognizing that their choice at the ballot box this fall is between continuing as a country governed by a democratically chosen majority and giving away that right to a party dominated by people who no longer respect election results or our democratic institutions.

Can the Army of Anti-Democracy Republicans Be Stopped?

2022-06-08T14:41:17-05:00June 7, 2022|Categories: |

A record number of opponents of fair elections are being recruited to run for office, administer elections, and mount election challenges. At this point, the quest to prevent Republican victory at the polls has ceased being a partisan mission and become instead a constitutional imperative.

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