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Leader Profiles2023-02-07T16:19:23-05:00

Personal Choices. Every day, Americans are making choices in their personal and professional lives that affect the problems we are trying to solve. Some are made by famous politicians or chief executives whom you already know, but scores of others make their choices mostly below the media radar. The lack of a spotlight does not diminish their bold choices that in big ways and small support American values of freedom, diversity, and innovation while helping to make our communities, our country, and our world a better place to live for everyone.

Shared Aspirations. The American Leader is proud to showcase some of these leaders and the choices they’ve made to benefit the common good. Let’s not be confused if they should fall short of their goals or some character flaw be revealed: Their pursuit of our shared aspirations for a better life binds them to us, and us to them. Their stories present a glimpse of the many possible paths that a diverse range of courageous people can take to solve our common problems. We hope they inspire you to be bold in your own way, be it at the dinner table, in the office, or on a larger stage.

Kendra Abkowitz: Finding Common Ground for Sustainability in Tennessee

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Kendra Abkowitz has been an advocate for sustainable solutions to climate change, initially in the Tennessee state government and now in Nashville. In a state that has embraced climate denialism and attacks on democracy that are part of the national culture war, she finds ways to move with the current while still advancing the cause of sustainability and resilience.

Rose Fabia: Volunteer for America

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Rose Fabia has committed her early retirement years to increasing collaboration among local grassroots organizations and canvassing to generate votes for Democratic candidates. She does it to protect her daughter and her daughter's future from a Republican Party that threatens the foundations of that future.

David Becker: Making Elections More Secure

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We are resurfacing this profile of David Becker, published weeks before the 2020 election, because he correctly dismissed the many concerns being expressed at the time that the presidential vote would somehow be corrupted. His reason: The long-tenured election officials who would oversee the election. Those people are now under attack, and election deniers are candidates vying for their positions.

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