The American Leader is a public education resource that documents the history and current events surrounding the nation’s struggles to address its systemic problems and build a more perfect union. Our goal is to focus relentlessly on the issues that shape our world and make them more accessible to more Americans. At the same time, we will introduce you to ways to get involved in the issues that matter to you in whatever ways suit your time, energy, and financial constraints.

Our journalism goes beyond the endless conflicts and debates and instead focuses on what Americans do so well – solve problems. Often hidden beneath the surface of the 24/7 stream of headlines and attention seekers is a deep bench of American leaders who are attempting bold or innovative ideas to solve the systemic problems that touch our lives.  We think their stories reflect the best of the American democratic spirit and hope you’ll learn from them and perhaps get inspired, to do something in your own way that makes life a little better for your community.

Rather than report on breaking news, we gather the best available information – whether it was reported today or a year ago – and connect the dots so that you can stay focused on the problems that matter to you most.

Our emphasis is on results, not storytelling. Despite often excellent journalism, the headline-driven media typically lacks memory, context, and a fixation on progress towards solving our systemic problems. By eliminating the distractions, distortions and obfuscations that pollute the info sphere, The American Leader keeps our spotlight on those problems, the progress being made to solve them, and the people who are getting the job done. If you’re worn out by partisanship, or just want to know what’s being done to fix the problems that concern you, this is the place to come. We’ll help you fit together the fragments of information that you get elsewhere and give you some ideas on what you can do to help.