Our mission

The American Leader looks at today’s events through a historical context in order to foster a deeper understanding of the systemic problems and solutions that shape our lives and the communities we live in. By looking at the world through this lens, we seek to re-establish the common ground that is the foundation of our democracy and neutralize the partisanship that perpetually seeks to divide it. An important part of our approach is recognizing that bias is a starting point for discussion and debate, not its endpoint.

Our focus is on the most challenging systemic and often interconnected problems facing the United States today – the ones that most profoundly threaten our hopes and aspirations and so, our ability to create a more perfect union. The initial four problems that we’re tackling: widespread threats to voting rights, the rapidly changing climate, unequal access to healthcare, and our ballooning national debt.

Years of failing to fix these problems have eroded the public’s faith in our democratic system, and we think it’s time to change that. Like a news magazine but more purposeful, or perhaps more like a public intelligence agency serving the citizen CEOs of our democracy, we look at the deeper currents that form our world and the influences that affect them. We produce briefs on the critical systemic problems in our society, updates on the progress being made to solve those problems, profiles of the deep bench of leaders in business and government who are advancing solutions to them, and storylines that succinctly describe the historical threads that created the landscape in which each problem exists.

This approach allows us to step back from the hype and anxiety-producing 24/7 stream of headlines to deliver what information and data is most relevant to addressing the problems before us.

Our Goals

Provide a refuge from the infostream

If you’re worn out by hyper-partisanship and an incessant barrage of headlines and news alerts, or if you just want to know what’s being done to fix the nation’s problems, this is the place for you. Our emphasis is on results, not storytelling. Despite often excellent journalism, the headline-driven media typically lacks memory and context, and its insatiable quest for eyeballs challenges most news consumers to read and process a flood of information. The American Leader eliminates the distractions, distortions, and obfuscations that push vital information downstream and out of view, and that too easily keeps public support from galvanizing around solutions to our top problems. Instead, we keep our spotlight on what is going to improve lives and build a stronger democracy.

We gather the best available information and connect the dots to help you better understand the landscape in which events are happening today, like how climate change is increasing immigration pressures and how one woman helped Montana become more fiscally responsible by taking on a corrupt healthcare-industrial complex. Whenever possible, we’ll also give you some ideas on where you might be able to act in support of the solutions that appeal most to you, in whatever way you’re able.

Navigate our free but vulnerable press

We’re fortunate that we don’t live in a country where the state controls the media. Our free press is a true marketplace of ideas that fuels our personal ambitions and guides us as we join and build our communities. Yet, that marketplace has long been vulnerable to the manipulations of commercial interests that don’t always put national and local – or even individual – priorities ahead of profits. And over the last several decades, our media marketplace has been infiltrated by the growing influences of anti-democratic forces that would prefer to see our government fail rather than serve.

Our focus on problem solving and progress offers you a way to navigate the dis- and misinformation polluting the marketplace, more knowledgeably assess the motivating priorities behind public statements and actions, and limit the influence of those privileged forces handicapping society’s capacity to respond to the urgent needs of ALL Americans.

Our commitment is to equip as many people as possible with the knowledge needed for the active work of citizenship, and to make it a little easier for you to take action. Our work is relentlessly transparent and non-partisan and based on best available data. Our bias is always about results and the movements of the needle of progress.