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Mixing Religion and Politics

Some people don't think that politics and religion mix. Public figures like Bill Maher can be incredibly disrespectful and dismissive on this topic, and the nation’s founders were divided on the issue. But it’s religion, the expression of personal faith, that is the lifeblood [...]

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How the Red-Blue Narrative Kept Us from the Real Story of Rising Extremism in a Fracturing GOP

The takeover of the Republican Party by anti-democracy extremists and the intra-party friction it generated, on full display in the House of Representatives’ battles over the House speakership this year, has been the big political story of this century. Only now is the story [...]

America is an Inclusive Democracy

If you haven’t yet realized that we are beyond politics as usual, consider the reaction we had after posting our updated problem brief, Threats to Voting Rights, to Facebook: Someone posted in reply “#WeAreNOTaDemocracy” and within moments, someone else had liked the post. America [...]

January 6: The Future We Choose

Americans are facing a choice between government by a frequently shifting set of powers that are reliant on a constant framework for rulemaking (“democracy”) and one immoveable power that bends the rules at will to suit its needs (“authoritarianism”). When my daughter sought her [...]

Our National Priorities

What are our national priorities? Fiscal responsibility, apparently, is not one of them. Otherwise, Republicans in Congress would not use the debt ceiling – and the threat of default – as a bargaining chip. Or is it less a bargaining chip and more a device [...]

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Steady as we go

With all that's going on in the world, it's sometimes hard to stay focused on the problems that keep us from becoming a more perfect union. That's what good leadership is supposed to do – keep us centered so that we can solve the [...]

Remaining Focused Despite the Insurrection

The country survived the insurrection, but the perpetrators and their allies across the country, their supporters in Congress and state and local governments, and of course, their instigator-in-chief are still out there. The good news is that a large majority of Americans, including some [...]

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