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National Debt

Erica Payne: Rallying Tax-Happy Millionaires


Erica Payne created the Patriotic Millionaires, a group of people who have more than $5 million in assets or $1 million in annual income who believe they and others like them should pay more taxes to ensure that our democracy can thrive.

Maya MacGuineas: Fiscal Warrior, Systems Fixer


Despite her reputation as a debt hawk, Maya MacGuineas was an early advocate for pandemic relief spending, and has launched FixUS to address a broken political system that has failed to exercise fiscal responsibility.

Ross Perot: Early Advocate for Fiscal Responsibility


In 1992, billionaire entrepreneur Ross Perot put fiscal responsibility and the national debt on the political radar during his third-party campaign for President. At the time, the debt had doubled in a decade to 47% of GDP. Perot believed this to be unsustainable.

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