We profile leaders from across the country who have a vision and are motivated to solve a problem and make their communities stronger. These leaders may be anyone in business, government, or in some informal capacity who take an active role in their community and exercise what we like to call their civic superpowers – whatever it is they do to contribute to a healthier community. Our purpose is to reflect the deep bench of leaders in this country who value the aspirations of American democracy and recognize the grit needed to bring their vision to life – and perhaps inspire you and others to recognize and act on your civic superpowers.


The news media does a good job of surfacing vital, evidence-based information, but then it is swiftly carried downstream and out of sight. We gather the best of that available knowledge to develop an intelligence brief around each problem that we cover. These problem briefs are designed to help you become better evaluators of the news and information that you receive in the 24/7 news stream so that you can be better decision-makers in the voting booth, in your business, and in your homes and communities.


Our progress updates report the news through a very narrow lens: We only consider something to be news if it moves the needle of progress towards or away from a possible solution to the problems we cover. This is how we cut out the noise of the infosphere – by ignoring what partisan interests want us to hear and reporting only on what is working and what isn’t working to solve the problems at hand.

Our updates cherish the experimental nature and near-perfect laboratory system of American democracy, where ideas can be tested at a local level and slowly rolled out in other areas or on a bigger scale if they prove successful. From these experiments, best practices can emerge, and new models evolved for leaders in business and government to follow.


Historical themes often weave invisibly throughout the headlines of the day. We offer a variety of storylines to bring these themes closer to the surface so that the problems and the solutions can be seen in a fuller context, with a greater sense of memory than the day’s most viral tweet or sound byte.