Experienced Climate Change Solutions Journalist

The American Leader is a results-focused education and news resource interested in covering the progress being made to address the nation’s systemic problems. Our goal is to pull together the best available knowledge to combine a systems view of those problems and historical patterns with what’s being done now to solve them. One of the problems we are covering is climate change and its multiple impacts.

We are looking for a journalist knowledgeable in the broad field of policy and technology efforts being made to mitigate and adapt to climate change. The journalist will be responsible for producing

  • a monthly progress report summarizing such efforts for a general audience
  • a bi-weekly look at a specific adaptation or mitigation effort happening in the US at the local or state level
  • a quarterly profile of a leader in business or government, at the state, local, or national level, who has either achieved results in mitigation or adaptation or is implementing a bold or innovative solution in the pursuit of such results

Journalist will also periodically refresh our intelligence brief on climate change. The journalist will be expected to make connections between climate change effects and their impacts on other systemic problems.

Minimum qualifications

  • Original writer able to adapt to the framework and tone of The American Leader
  • Facile with language and ideas, able to take the reader from the specific instance to the big picture
  • Able to initiate stories and follow through on those assigned with equal enthusiasm
  • Produces well-crafted first drafts
  • Strong researcher, fact-checker, bibliographer
  • Willing to collaborate when necessary to achieve results

This position will be on contract to start. Terms to be negotiated.

Please submit an email with links or attachments to your history (resume, LinkedIn, or other) and samples of your work.

Apply via email