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National Debt

Why Applaud as the National Debt Continues to Soar?


Recently released government projections estimate the national debt will grow by $21.2 trillion over the next 10 years – a 78% increase raising the debt to more than $48 trillion. As bad as that sounds, the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, a bipartisan group that advocates for fiscal restraint, would like you to know the news could have been worse.

Bipartisan Hope Isn’t Helping Divided Congress Avoid Debt Crisis


Our Congress has two faces: We saw the authoritarian one during the rancorous vote for House Speaker, while the other is seen in an op-ed that lauds the bipartisan collaboration that produced over 200 recommendations for making Congress work more efficiently. As we brace for another game of chicken over the debt ceiling, it’s clear which face is doing the talking.

Building a More Perfect Union in 2023


2022 ended with sighs of relief and celebrations that the red wave didn’t happen, that voters rejected efforts to codify strict anti-abortion laws, that the budget deficit was cut in half, and that there was some bipartisan support for climate change action and improved access to healthcare. All good, but there is still work to be done.

A Glimmer of Hope for Ending Debt Limit Showdowns


The next vote on paying the nation’s bills will be after the ’22 election, creating an opening for a campaign about the country’s soaring national debt – and discussion about how to depoliticize the borrowing cap that funds it.

Pushing for Real Policy Debate


When we interviewed Maya MacGuineas earlier this year, she made her case for real policy debate by putting serious ideas on the table and challenging others to do the same. We couldn't include them all in our profile of her, so we decided to excerpt some of her comments here.

Biden’s Budget Blues or Effective Balancing Act?


President Biden has decisively answered one of the most critical early questions of his administration, making plain that increased public investment in response to the pandemic-induced economic crisis will be his priority rather than curbing the growth of the national debt.

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